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Using Chroma Key Walls | Print |
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Chroma key walls are a great way to expand your school news sets without building an expensive new addition to the existing studio.

Fortunately, chroma key technology is becoming more and more readily available in even consumer-grade video production tools.

Make Your Own Hard-Shell Case | Print |
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Here’s how.

At the hardware store, find an igloo-type cooler that the camera will fit into, a can of spray foam insulation (the kind that hardens.) and a new utility knife.

Studio Curtains for Backdrops | Print |
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This edition of "Doing it On the Cheap", is on studio curtains for back drops. If you're like I was, on a low budget, you probably, at best, have a 2 inch pole going across the back of your wall, hanging on a couple of heavy duty hooks.

Easy, Do-it-Yourself Backdrops | Print |

A large piece of fabric will make a great and inexpensive background. 

How NOT to Get Your Cam Jacked! | Print |
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One of the things that schools and lower budget productions sometimes overlook is security.