School Profiles
East Syracuse Minoa CHS | Print |
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When SVN was visiting Syracuse University for the upcoming SVN Video Camp, we were told about East Syracuse Minoa Central High School and their excellent Video Production Program. 

Hightower Academy Revisited | Print |
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Several years ago, we had the pleasure of talking with Ted Irving at Hightower Academy in Texas. 

Magnolia High School - Revisited | Print |
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Several years ago SVN visited Magnolia High School for one of our first profiles.  Today we go back and talk to Kathrina Martin to see how they are doing.

Columbia College Hollywood | Print |
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Columbia College Hollywood (www.columbiacollege.edu) is a leader in preparing students for careers in the film and television/video industry.

Desert Wind Middle School | Print |
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Students these days travel back in time when they go to school.

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