Hawk Quick Check Chart | Print |

Quick and precise camera matching for on location single- or multi-camera shoots

Behind the Scenes at a SloMo Shoot | Print |
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Ever wonder how those astounding slo-mo shots that make a broadcast or big-screen production jump off the screen are created?

White Balance 101 | Print |
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Some people mistakenly think all you need to do is find a scrap of white paper or card, put the card in front of the camera and press the button marked "White Balance".

All About Lenses - Part Two | Print |
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The Long and Short of It

The focal length of a lens affects three important aspects of the image: angle of vjew; depth of field and perspecUve.

All About Lenses | Print |
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Without passing through a lens, the light falling on your camcorder's CCD would be as empty of information as a flash­light beam.

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