Continuous Light Sources | Print |
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There is a growing trend to use fluorescent, LED and discharge light sources for film and video production. 

Outdoor Lighting - Part Two | Print |

What you need to know to shoot great footage outside - Part Two

Outdoor Lighting | Print |
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What you need to know to shoot great footage outdoors.

How to Turn the Light of Day into the Dark of Night | Print |
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The technique of shooting outdoor night scenes in broad daylight has been around since the early days of film. It is commonly called Day for Night (DFN), and you can spot it in films like It's a Wonderful Life, Planet of the Apes and Jaws; documentaries like The Creation of the Universe; and, of course, the French film, Day for Night. At times, the effect is obvious; at others, it is not.

An LED Primer | Print |
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I was shopping (yes, guys do shop) for a Leatherman awhile back. At my local hardware store I was amazed to find over 40 different styles, colors and shapes that were available for me to choose from. These Swiss army knives on steroids have spawned an industry of “Multi-Tool” look-a-likes.  Overwhelmed I finally ended up choosing one that was way too sharp for me, (ask me how I know) that was coated with a Kevlar body (I guess for deflecting bullets) and clipped on like a carabineer. But that’s not the point. The point is that when something works, people flock to it and manufactures rush to create their versions of the product.

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