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As you know, this column features products that we just can’t live without and think, once you see or try them, you’re going to feel the same way.

This month we look at tally Lights from Tally-lights.com.

Tally-Lights, LLC began as a simple solution to find a way to get the Tally Lights on production television cameras working for a local television station.  When the station was using its cameras, the lights on top of the camera, which show the current live camera, simply would not work. Tally Lights, LLC, stepped in to build a solution that is simple, reliable and cost effective.

Each individual Tally Light unit comes ready to plug in and use. There are 7 LED lights on each unit; 6 of the LED’s face the talent and the 7th faces the camera operator to notify the operator when the camera is live. To fine tune the Tally Light unit for different shooting environments, a control knob adjusts the brightness of the 6 forward facing LED's from full brightness down to off. The camera operator LED will always remain on, even when the other Tally Lights are turned off.

This Tally Light unit can be interfaced with the Tally Light Controller  also available at Tally-Lights.com, or it can be directly interfaced into NewTek TriCasterTM Studio & Broadcast units which have tally ports.

Dr. Michael Baltimore, Executive Director at Solumbus State University says, "Tally Lights are a vital part of our production process. We have used the tally lights from Tally-Lights, LLC. for over a year now, without any trouble and have witnessed an increase in the production value of our shows. Talent have often commented that the tally helped them give a better performance. From our perspective, having talent make eye contact with the cameras just at the right time, gives us an end-result that is as good as found anywhere.

For more information, go to www.tally-lights.com

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