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Written by Barry Starlin Britt   

Bringing your digital slideshows to life using audio in Microsoft™ PhotoStory™

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a picture with music is a story come to Life.

In my last article at School Video News entitled, “Audio for Photos”, we learned how to use audio to enhance digital slideshows created Apple’s iMovie™ for Mac.

In this issue we will learn how to use music in PhotoStory™ by Microsoft™.

As a reminder, here are six things to consider when choosing music for your digital story:

1) Know your audience
2) Association
3) Beats Per Minute (BPM)
4) Instrumentation
5) Current Styles, Novelties and Pop Culture
6) Moments of silence

To learn more about this topic, you can review my previous article “Making Your Videos POP” for detailed information on each of these 6 pieces of criteria.

Creating a Digital Slideshow in PhotoStory™ for Microsoft Windows.

Step 1
Download PhotoStory 3 for Windows™












You are now ready to publish your slideshow. 
IMPORTANT:  Publishing photos or audio of which you are not the owner can be a potential copyright violation.  If you are not the owner, be sure and secure the necessary permissions or use license-approved media.  For more information on copyright and securing media permissions, please review:

Copyright Issues When Using Music in Videos—The Digital Age!

How to Get Media Permissions for Your Videos and other Media

To download PhotoStory by Microsoft and review additional information about this software, please visit:



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