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I’ve been advised to stay on track, that because it’s my senior year I would come down with “senioritis.” Honestly, I feel more inspired this year then past

to work even harder, and be more responsible. This is now my second year in Interactive Multimedia, and it’s exciting being able to help juniors in their first year of media. 

The hunt for colleges is also occurring. My boss refers to it as “college shopping.” This is true; when you are shopping there are reasons for purchasing a sweater: colors, feel, fit, price, and style. With colleges it has been a list of questions for me. My mom suggested I come up with characteristics in a college that I want before I actually look, that way I’m clear headed and am not swayed by minor things if those main characteristics aren’t there. Because I’m planning on double majoring in broadcast journalism or telecommunications and nutrition the first characteristic is that the college has both of those options.

My current projects in media that we will be working on this first nine weeks: a movie scene, a personal profile/short documentary, and of course we’ve been keeping up with each morning’s broadcast of the newscast we call “GVTV” (grand valley television.) I’m most excited for the personal profile. The details are to choose an interesting person not in the class who has a story to tell using pictures and any b-roll to assist them telling their story.

I’m challenging myself to creating more news packages this year. Last year the challenge was learning techniques in filming, editing, interviewing, and storyline writing for voice over’s.  Now that I’ve grown in experience, it’s important that I keep expanding my work experience and get used to doing some more intense projects as to reflect college work. In fact, some of the colleges I’ve been looking at require a portfolio of news experiences to get accepted into their programs as well. Also, its good practice to come up with both creative and professional ways to express a news story and make viewers (fellow students mainly) inclined to watch the story and benefit from it overall.

So, whatever grade you may be in my advice is to take risks, and figure out what you’re interested in. If its film, dive in and find access to some good equipment. If you’re school doesn’t have a program to fit your interest create one, or look into the community. Here’s to a fabulous senior year and a great outlook to my future in college and beyond.

Melissa Prax is an active student and athlete. Her introduction to film and editing began when she took an Interactive Multimedia class at Grand Valley High School/ Ashtabula County Joint Vocational School. (See Grand Valley's Profile ) Her involvement in the class led to her election and win of SkillsUSA northeast Ohio regional president. Every few months she writes a student column for her local newspaper, The Star Beacon. After high school Melissa is looking forward to double major in broadcast journalism and nutrition.

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