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In article one I talked about choosing a career from the get go just by knowing what YOU like. You can be anything, but why not do what you love.

The thing we have in common probably consists of something media oriented. Film-check. Editing-check. SVN-check!

Also, I gave you a link to a website that narrows down from a broad range of specifics. If you’ve read this far, I assume you have decided that a career in a media related field is the one for you. Below, I reviewed two websites that give info on the diverse range of media jobs.
Quick Bite: It’s great. Click a link and it’s a personal tutor giving you info that helps you decide the right career for you based on which button you clicked. It also happens that THAT personal tutor is a professional in the job market you chose. Choose from News Media Production job ideas to Non-News Media Production. Then, go from there.

Big Chew: Choose between the careers and either click on videos for “pros” or choose a video for an overview of topics that correspond to the job.  For the “pros” videos, actual professionals in the job field answer an array of questions from “what do you look for when hiring” to explaining “what should be included in a demo reel.” Topics include: internships, cover letters, multimedia, writing, demo reel, mistakes, job interview, and alumni advice. Powered by the Journalism and Mass Communications at Kent State University, the website showcases the careers of television reporter, tv producer, videographer/editor, web reporter, producer/director, and videographer/editor.

Why I like it: It’s like reading the minds of professionals with one click. They spill the beans on what the like and don’t like, and how to prepare for the career of your dreams. Each question is repeated to all the professionals so that each pro can give a different opinion on the topic and really narrow down the similar responses.

Like I mentioned in the previous article, there is such a broad range of possibilities especially in communications or media fields. Want to see a full list of probably every career known to man on just a few web pages? Go to this next link.
Quick Bite: Under the top banner there are links supporting film and television, music, games, and live event. There is honestly a massive list showcasing careers I have never even heard of.

Big Chew: The website is powered by Full Sail University.  Resources include in depth articles on successful individuals in the various fields of media. A lot of these articles are found on the home page.  There are also various “still playing” and “sweet gigs” articles sprinkled on the side bar for the other features. Other resources include career profiles on jobs that are extremely specific. To name a few, well never mind, there is more then a few. The fields those jobs are in, however, are film and television, music, games, and live event. Click on the links to navigate. On the home page there is also a career spotlight. One of the careers from the career profiles is highlighted. It gives a quick link to what a career profile would look like, including the tasks the career would involve, the type of schooling it would take, what the commitment would include, and of course a quick summary of the job itself.

Why I like this website: Its detailed, but not overbearing. Its designed for high-schoolers who want to pursue a career in media, but want to check out their options in a vast variety of related fields. It also lays down what’s going to happen on a day-to-day basis if you end up choosing that career.

Melissa Prax is an active student and athlete. Her introduction to film and editing began when she took an Interactive Multimedia class at Grand Valley High School/ Ashtabula County Joint Vocational School. (See Grand Valley's Profile ) Her involvement in the class led to her election and win of SkillsUSA northeast Ohio regional president. Every few months she writes a student column for her local newspaper, The Star Beacon. After high school Melissa is looking forward to double major in broadcast journalism and nutrition.


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