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The 46th SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference collaborated with School Video News recently to produce twice-daily news broadcasts, and two feature events. Five students were flown in from across the country to capture the events of the week. Cory James, Hannah Jorgensen andI came from Georgia, Missouri and Ohio to be anchors for this annualconference held in Kansas City, Missouri.Logan Gunzenhauser and Nelson Hill arrived from Georgia and Minnesota to be our editors and videographers. Except for Cory, we all had little to no knowledge of what it takes to put together a successful news broadcast.

As students flocked in from around the country to compete in various competitions and campaigns, School Video News was right there to get all the action. For each student competitor, as well as our own crew, the conference became a learning experience. As beginners Hanna and I witnessed the time, effort, and research that goes into actually producing live news as well as the need for time management, impromptu speaking and a little fun.

Each of us had the opportunity to become efficient users of the EZ News Newsroom Management Software system, as well as Final Cut Pro editing software. Throughout the week, we interviewed various sponsors of the conference, students and directors. On the final day of Nationals, Cory and I broadcast live from the packed Kemper Arena, while more than 5000 student competitors awaited for announcement of the gold medal winners and National Officer results. Over 34,000 viewers witnessed the high-spirited group of our future workers of America as they chanted and cheered for their home states and the winners.

Overall, the School Video News experience was a tremendous influence on future broadcasting careers and videography technology. This program allowed students and parents to watch, participate and enjoy the event with their family and loved ones. If you happened go miss the live event or catch your interview, be sure to check out the video page on or on School Video News.

Ed. Note:

The Live Opening Ceremony had 5,200 viewer streams.  
The Live Awards Ceremony had 34,230 viewer streams.

Average viewing time for all viewers was 5 minutes 18 seconds. Some staying momentarily and some watching end to end.

Viewers came from all fifty states and 28 countries/territories.
Top states were MA, FL, NY, PA, TX,  NJ , MN, GA, OH, MD & CA.
Top Countries were US, PR, India, Canada & Northern Mariana Islands.

Sara Mills, former SkillsUSA Ohio State President and cosmetology student, began her SkillsUSA career in 2009. After being elected as a Northwest President, and reigning as the Ohio State President, shecontinues to beactively involved in the SkillsUSA organization. With the participation of several various leadership training events, keynote speeches, and conferences, Sara has becomeproficient in public speaking, professionalism, and ettiquette training. Sara will be joining the SVN team broadcasting live from The National Leadership Conference inKansas City.

She is a certified student in Business Management and Human Relations and Communications from Terra Community College. Sara is also enrolled at the University of Cincinnati to receive her Master's Degree in Communication Sciences in Disorders with a lifelong dream of becoming a therapist for children with Autism.
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