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21st Century media and technology are demanding that high schools prepare and allow their students to communicate effectively, legally and ethically.

Broadcast journalism and TV production teachers are finding today’s students require a different teaching approach and that these classes are challenging to teach.  The project-based instruction, classroom management, and assessment are further complicated by the need to choose and purchase equipment and produce work for a public audience.

Administrators are seeing the need to incorporate technology and multimedia instruction to give students a voice and build the school’s sense of community, but they want to be assured that students will be taught responsibly to act responsibly.       

Veteran teachers Phil Harris and Janet Kerby are addressing these needs of both teachers and administrators with quality on-site teacher training and professional development. They have presented multiple sessions at several national conventions of the Student Television Network, the Journalism Education Association, and SkillsUSA among others and are scheduled to present again at these conventions this spring. 

As a team they bring extensive teaching experience in the Career and Technical Education TV production curriculum as well as the high school broadcast journalism class.  Their teaching environments range from the well-equipped Academy serving several schools to the low-budget rural high school.

If you as a teacher or an administrator are looking for help in getting a program off the ground in your school/county/district, Harris and Kerby can tailor training sessions or presentations to meet your specific need.  They also provide quality subject-specific professional development for teachers of existing programs to help them move to the next level.

For more information about Harris and Kerby, their services, and contact information, visit their website at .