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Written by Phillip L. Harris   

What kinds of clips teachers have used for editing exercises?

Every year at the beginning of the year, I had my advanced students script a story that was an instructional "process." 

For example, one year it was a student leaving the school building, going to the car, opening door, sitting, closing door, buckling seat belt, putting key in ignition,  and eventually driving off. The script wouldn't take even one class period.  Then they went out and shot it.  Slating every take, shot at least 3 good takes, long shot, medium shots, close-ups, and at least one take that would not match up in the editing room without creating a jump cut.  All the raw footage was on one tape and I duplicated that for each editing station.  The first year students would edit the sequence together as an editing exercise/test.

Actually, the advanced students relished this first video task of the year and toward the end of their beginner year would often talk about what they wanted to do when it was their turn to create the editing video the next fall. 

This was much more fun for the students to both make and edit than using footage from the 70's(???) of the bank robbery video.  It was also much more interesting for me to see a new exercise each year instead of the same one year after year after year.