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Internet broadcasting – webcasting – is just beginning to explode.

It’s a promising power tool for school sports. Technology capabilities are expanding rapidly. Production costs are minimal and dropping. Audience interest is growing. And students will literally line up to get a chance to work with the broadcast technologies that will define their world in the years to come.

GrandStadium.TV has launched a groundbreaking program to provide real-time Webcasting of local sports events for schools and their communities. Fans from around the world will now be able to log on to GrandStadium.TV to watch their favorite local teams compete.

GrandStadium.TV gives you the best of all worlds. It’s built to handle the full spectrum of athletic competition, from football, basketball and hockey to lacrosse, swimming and danceline. It requires virtually no technology investment or learning curve. It comes complete with proven curriculum modules for project-based learning. And it offers powerful revenue generators that can make your school’s sporting events both people-pleasing and financially viable.

In an age when mega-media and macro-communications dominate the world of sports coverage, GrandStadium.TV is focusing on “local” and the power of “microcasting.”

Fans unable to “tune in” for live game times can also log on to Grandstadium.TV at a later date to view each event in its entirety (instead of settling for poor quality or a few online highlights).

“This is a solution we’ve been waiting for... It’s the first thing I’ve seen that’s not just
educationally focused, but technologically advanced. It’s enhanced, it’s full screen
and I think people are going to be impressed with what they see.”

~Polly Reikowski
Principal, Eagan High School

But GrandStadium.TV does more than just provide well-deserved coverage for high school athletes; it also provides much-needed operating revenue for schools and educational opportunities for the students of the participating schools. A significant percentage of each viewer fee is forwarded to the coordinating school of each event in exchange for audio-video services.

Plans include the prospect of local school production teams providing coverage of all their respective sports events and retaining a portion of the pay-per-view fees for each.

Participating schools also benefit from receiving 100% of the revenue generated from any banner advertising the solicit for placement on the GrandStadium.TV web site.

For more information visit GrandStadium.TV by clicking here.



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