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StoryBoard Quick Studio is Finally Here

PowerProduction Software’s Story Board Quick Studio was successful launched and the early reports are very positive. It was touted to make the lives of production crews easier and require less time to create story board’s and that is exactly what it is doing.

The key to the success of the new software package appears to be PowerProduction Software’s new patent pending QuickShots technology. This allows incredibly fast integration of actors and scene to create a storyboard in record time. There is no more waiting for the sketch artist to finish the drawing of the scene. This outdated process does nothing but create a waste of time and money. Production time is extremely expensive and budgets everywhere are going to be thankful for this new and exclusive technology.

The new software takes a process that had previously required the time and expense of sketch artists and basically automates the entire process. The need for a sketch artist has been all but eliminated and because of this, the software is more or less paying for itself. Anyone who has not yet seen the software would be well served to check out the demo (available on the website) and see how they can integrate this new and improved software into their production process.

About PowerProduction Software: PPS has been a trend setter in storyboard software for over a decade. The Hollywood production community has made them a staple in a very competitive niche. Their staff of well-rounded media professionals is dedicated to making sure that the software programming serves the needs of the customers, not the designers. It is this approach that has set them apart from other software developers in the storyboard software community.

For more information visit http://www.powerproduction.com/store.html


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