21st Century Citizenship-Everyone is a Copyright Holder | Print |
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“Every person who writes a document published on the internet, who creates a graphic or icon, who scans his own photograph or records his own voice into a digital file, who sends an electronic mail message, who creates a document for a newsgroup, or who designs a web page owns the copyright to his creative work.”

Effective Procurement | Print |

When it comes to buying resources for schools, teachers are often faced with a barrage of rules and regulations that appear to obstruct their effort to acquire what they want in their schools.

Requisitions, purchase orders, RFP’s, Tenders and so on are processes and tools that on the surface, appear to be cumbersome and un-necessary, yet are crucial for a number of reasons such as transparency, budget control, follow-up, ethical integrity and competition to name a few. The use of Stimulus Funding to acquire goods is contingent on various levels of government rules and regulations as well.

Acquiring Audio/Video Equipment for Your School | Print |
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When determining what audio visual (AV) equipment should be purchased for schools, instructional focus is obviously the first criteria that should be considered. However, a number of additional factors should be considered as well to ensure that quality products at good prices are acquired and that the school or school district can support the acquisition.

Caveat Emptor- Getting What You Want When you Want it! | Print |
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Teachers face a barrage of information when they are considering what resources to spend those valued yet limited dollars on. For teachers, like doctors, the easy part of a buying decision is why. Teachers know why they need something and what they intend to do with the resource. However it is the logistical questions that can be overwhelming.

Lawsuit Tackles Rights to School Sports Webcasts | Print |

High school association sues newspaper for webcasting a game without permission.

The association that oversees high school sports in Wisconsin is suing the Wisconsin Newspaper Association and one of its papers, the Post-Crescent of Appleton, Wis., in a dispute about who has the right to broadcast high school sports contests online.

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