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I think all of us have asked this question of our Kindergarten aged children. “Hi Honey, what did you do at school today”? And often the answer is “Oh, I just played today”. More often than not, we as parents may make the assumption that “oh great, what are they teaching them in that school if all they do is play all the time”? In the Education business, we know better.

Think of it this way.

By playing, I was actively learning. 

By playing, I was purposeful.

By playing, I was being myself.

By playing, I used my imagination

By playing, I communicated with other students

By playing, I was non-threatening to anyone

By playing, I was expressing myself

By playing, I was cooperative

By playing, I was creative

By playing, I was organized

By playing, I fixed things

By playing, I was exercising


When you really look at what play time in a Kindergarten is, you can see that the kids are in fact learning. And by learning in this manner they are developing the skills that they are natural at. Whether they are organizational skills, building skills, artistic skills, mathematical skills or technical skills, they all lead toward the development of the child; specifically the development of their own specific skill area.


As part of The Classroom Solution’s new look, we are offering a product line of furnishings to meet the needs of all grades in schools. And of course we include a line of Kindergarten furnishings and some early childhood instructional resources. The furnishings match the recommended school resource lists that include toy play/work station furnishings like kitchen and shop centers. The resource lists can be obtained free of charge by becoming a member on our new-look website.


I find that I am “playing” as I work with my colleagues to re-structure the website and offer so many more features. The creativity comes in terms of technical development and knowhow, artistic creativity, business acumen, organizational expertise, writing skills and marketing savvy. Everyone is contributing in their own way with the skills that they probably used in Kindergarten when they were “playing”. I am very proud of my whole team.


So next time you hear a child say, “Oh, I just played today” pat him or her on the head and say “good for you”.  I would like to say to my team ”Good for You too”.

James Dobbin is President of The Classroom Solution, Inc. As a Certified Public Purchasing Officer with 35 years in purchasing and supply, the most recent 23 years in the K-12 environment, James brings a wealth of knowledge to schools and teachers needing assistance in making school purchasing decisions. Understanding that teachers spend a considerable amount of their own time and money buying resources for their classrooms, James created theclassroomsolution.com with the desire to reach out to and help as many teachers as possible to find simple and cost effective buying solutions to help enhance the learning experience in their classrooms.

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