Copyright Permissions and LipDubs | Print |
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copyright-compliance_iconThe announcement of the SVN LipDub contest has raised the usual questions and comments about the use of copyrighted material in student-produced videos.

Sampling Safely – A Primer to Avoiding Lawsuits | Print |

The use of samples is a staple of many genres of music. With the advent of sampling technology in the 1980s,

Illegal Sharing of Music Files-Who's Getting Sued and Why | Print |
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During a keynote speech I was giving in New York in 2008, I spent some time addressing the topic of illegal peer-to-peer sharing of music files and a particular incident that occurred at a university in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

How to Copyright Your Works | Print |
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It is true that in this digital age our works are technically copyrighted upon creation.   This leads us to our first question:


Why copyright your works? 

How to Get Media Permissions for Your Videos and other Media | Print |
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“Every person who writes a document published on the internet, who creates a graphic or icon, who scans his own photograph or records his own voice into a digital file, who sends an electronic mail message, who creates a document for a newsgroup, or who designs a web page owns the copyright to his creative work.”

- Carol Simpson, “Copyright for Schools”

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