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Attendees at the 2011 SVN Video Camp will have the opportunity to attend workshops on all aspects of Film and Video production.

Taught by industry and academic leaders, these workshops will supplement the two tracks being offered at this years SVN Video Camp.  Attendees can choose between Track A: Filmmaking Essentials or Track B: Broadcast Production.

You can learn more about the SVN Video Camp by clicking HERE.

Current Offerings (subject to change)

NH101     Basics of Lighting - Newhouse Staff
This half-day workshop covers the basic vocabulary and practice of lighting for video through demonstrations, screenings, and exercises. We will focus on the underlying principles of lighting while finding solutions for the practical problems, including those inherent in the low-budget production.

NH102Basics of Audio - Newhouse Staff
Audio is one of the most underrated elements of an effective video. Without proper audio it might as well be silent movies. This workshop covers the basic vocabulary and practice of audio for video production through demonstrations, screenings and exercises.

NH103     Basics of Videography – Newhouse Staff
Description to come

A102     TriCaster Basics – Amitrace / Faraz Ahmed
Learn how to integrate the TriCaster into your morning production.  Covering everything from workflow to graphics.  We’re going to go over the tools and then how to teach the tool.  A great course for all TriCaster owners.

A103     Chroma-Key for Every Budget - Faraz Ahmed
Learn the basics of chroma-key production & post-production.  We’ll go over how to properly setup a green screen within a budget.  We’ll then take the footage and go over different keying techniques in Final Cut Pro.  This class if great for beginners and full of “secret” tips & tricks for advanced users.

A104     The Perfect Interview - Every Time - Faraz Ahmed
Learn how to conduct great interviews!  Learn how to prep, setup, and conduct yourself during an interview.   We’re going over everything from setting up an interview to proper lighting during an interview.

B101     How to Obtain Media Permissions – Barry Starlin Britt

B102     Making your Productions POP with Music – Barry Starlin Britt

D101     Sports Broadcasting – Albert DuPont, Jr.

D102     Avid Media Composer Crash Course - Albert DuPont, Jr.
Learn everything you need to know to create a news package in Avid Media Composer.  This is a crash course- from beginner to finished news package in 3 hours.

D103     Creating Feature Stories - Albert DuPont, Jr.

G101     10 Things You Should Know When Starting A Video Production Class - Misty Gentle

H101     Fundamentals of Scriptwriting - Christina Hamlett
Author of Scriptwriting for Teens, Christina Hamlett gives us real-world exercises that we can use in our classes.  Be prepared to BE CREATIVE!

H102     Writing and Producing PSAs – Christina Hamlett

H103     Producing and Writing FUN Commercials – Christina Hamlett

H104     "I'll Be In My Trailer" – Christina Hamlett
One of the hottest new trends is the creation of film-style trailers for books, plays, etc. This workshop makes for a great lesson plan to take back to the classroom because their students would be creating 30-60 second trailers on the books that they're already reading for fun or for other classes. Includes a morning classroom exercise portion and then shooting something.

H105     "Where the Plots Are" – Christina Hamlett
A workshop on how to teach students that potential film ideas can virtually be found anywhere. We send everybody over to a neighborhood supermarket for half an hour and then told them to come back and pitch an idea based on characters and situations they observed while trolling the aisles.

H106     "The Quick Fix Cure for Doofy Dialogue" – Christina Hamlett
Participants write short scenes in class and then trade off to read for readings aloud. Everyone loves this one and it is enormously valuable in terms of addressing the most common reasons that yours truly rejects screenplays; specifically, stupid dialogue.

H107     "Stage, Page or Cinema"- Christina Hamlett
The premise is that not every great idea translates to a great movie idea. I've actually had a number of screenwriting clients realize that the reason they kept getting rejected was because was they had was a story that was much better suited to a novel, short story or play and that no one had ever pointed this out them.

HA 101     Making Money with your TV Production Department - Phil Harris

HA 102     Television Production and Broadcast Journalism: The New Textbook - Phil Harris

K101     How to Teach Broadcast Journalism in High Schools – Janet Kerby
"How Do I Get There From Here?"
First day of school…20 eager (or not), new (or not) broadcast journalism students are waiting for you to teach them how to do a quality school newscast in the first month of school (or sooner) when all they really want to do is make music videos (stand-up comedy).  You  would gladly get a grip if you could just find the handle.  The spiral method of instruction  gives you a starting point and a plan to get there from here.

K102     "If You Can Do It—Should You Do It?" - Janet Kerby
This session would present up to 18 different typical high school scenarios that call for an ethical decision on whether to cover the story and if so, how to cover it.  After audience members offer their opinions based on various codes of ethics, comments from the Society of Professional Journalists Ethics Committee will be shared.

K103     Before There Was a Script - Janet Kerby
This session would deal with all the work that is done BEFORE the script is written for a package story.  Tips will deal with choosing characters, location, and b-roll shots.  Participants will see techniques for establishing rapport and relaxing the interview subject as well as asking questions that get the good sound bites.  The discussion will also include how the photographer is a major contributor—much moreso than pushing the record button.

K104     Scripting a Package / How to Teach Scripting - Janet Kerby
"Putting the Pieces Together"
This interactive session will take transcripts from three interviews and teach how to (1) identify the best sound, (2) write the reporter track (3) design an effective stand-up and (4) teach the teachers how to teach all of the above

K105     Constructive Criticism and Team Building - Janet Kerby
"He Said She Said"
This session will provide a technique teachers can use for team-building in which students are taught how to give constructive criticism of WORK without cruelly cutting down the PERSON.  The result will be eye-opening suggestions, honest goal-setting, and no sign of hurt feelings.  It’s a win-win technique.

K106     Grading Rubrics that Work - Janet Kerby

R101     Broadcast News Writing – Jeff Rowe

R102     Deciding What's News/Finding Good Stories – Jeff Rowe

R103     Interviewing -- Tactics and Techniques to Get People to Open Up to You - Jeff Rowe

R104     Writing Tightly and Smoothly for Broadcast -- A Basket of Practical Tips – Jeff Rowe

R105     Live Shots/Standups --- How to Look and Sound Like a Pro – Jeff Rowe

S101     Integrating Video Production into the Core Curriculum - Shari Sentlowicz

W101     How to Anchor Like a Pro – Kelsey Wasung
This workshops explores the use of voice, gestures, and preparation to deliver your best on-camera performance.

Sessions and presenters subject to change without notice.  Keep watching the SVN Video Camp website for changes and updates.

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