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You might know Faraz Ahmed as the guy on the TriCaster training videos. But did you know he’s also a classroom instructor, international consultant, product developer, and an editor? (Just to name a few). Faraz has been part of the broadcasting industry for nearly a decade, growing up on NewTek products from the Amiga days.


Having a close tie with NewTek products, Faraz beta tested Video Toaster 2 and went on to develop over a 100 DVE(Digital Video Effects) for the Video Toaster Community.  He then created a Toaster product community allowing users to share resources, tips & tricks. It evolved into, now owned by Amitrace, an elite NewTek dealer for over 15 years.


Class on Demand approached Faraz to become their “expert” for NewTek products. (See Class On Demand website)  Although an excellent opportunity, Faraz was nervous about how teaching in a classroom would compare to teaching to a camera.  “It’s not as much fun, but the amount of content that can be packed into a training DVD is phenomenal.” He has worked with Class on Demand over the years and created a series of training DVD for SpeedEdit, TriCaster, & the VT product line.


Faraz branched out from NewTek products and went on to become a Certified Final Cut Instructor and continued to tweak the broadcast workflow.  He has done consulting work in Serbia, Pakistan, and Dubai, along with the States.  While he has worked with a variety of products, he’s always had a soft spot for NewTek products. “The power that NewTek products provide at a fraction of the cost is simply unbeatable”, says Faraz.


Faraz now works with a PEG station in Gwinnett, GA, working on a variety of projects. Whether he’s posting a marketing piece for the school system or directing an award-winning series for teenage parents, Faraz always “enjoy(s) working in the industry as much as I enjoy teaching. It allows me to tackle workflow issues head-on.  Most people can learn the basics of any product.  However learning the workflow of the product comes from using the product.  When I teach, that’s the wisdom I want to pass on, the stuff that’s not in the manual.”  This also gives him experience for what works and what doesn’t work in consulting and sales roles.  “I know what the promo editor needs vs. what the graphics guys need vs. what the reporter needs.  I know because I’ve had to fill all those roles.”


Faraz continues to train at Amitrace’s brand new training facility in Suwanee, Georgia.  “The setup is really great, it’s the only place where every students has their own TriCaster during the training.”  Amitrace teaches a wide variety of classes ranging from intro classes on the TriCaster, to advanced classes on how to create personalized virtual sets.  “Amitrace does it right: small classes, top-of-the line equipment, and really affordable prices.  It’s a pleasure teaching classes there.”

Faraz plans to continue do freelance classroom teaching, as well as consulting and editing.  “One thing just doesn’t satisfy me, plus everything complements each other so well.”