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Beginning with the December issue and running through February, SVN will feature TCEA, the largest state Ed-Tech conference in the US.  This year, TCEA anticipates as many as 8000 attendees. For complete information, go to


Showcased once again at the conference will be our very own School Video News Broadcast Center. SVN will be streaming two live news-style broadcasts each day at 10 AM  and 4 PM,featuring live interviews, upcoming events, daily recaps and other informative programming.  We will have the opportunity to interview many of the key-note speakers both live and pre-recorded. SVN will also be streaming many of the remote presentations and workshops.


  • Our December article will focus on the Broadcast Center, and profile your products as partners.
  • The January article will highlight some of the presentations and workshops that focus on broadcast.
  • The February issue (month of event) will highlight the programming from the studio and how to access same. 

In addition, many exciting products will be in use in our studio environment.  Product literature will be available for interested attendees. 


EZ NEWS will have 4 workstations for the creation, management and production of the content.  Selected students and/or instructors will use the EZNews Newsroom System in the Broadcast Center for integrated show planning and live production. Students will use EZNews to author scripts with production cues, manage their rundown during pre-show building and live production, archive their show, interface with the teleprompter and much more.  


PrompterPeople prompters, tripods, dollies and their line of lighting instruments will be used on the set.


Production Intercom’s Econocom camera intercom system will be used for communications between cam operators and on-air talent.  


Pizazz Studios will be creating the studio space and showcasing NewTek’s TriCaster product line as well as other products and services they offer. Pizazz will also be presenting a workshop on the impact of live streaming to interested parties.


We will staff the Broadcast Center with students from Austin and Manor New Tech High Schools.  These students will be recording sessions, interviewing exhibitors, attendees, board members and creating news packages. You can read about Austin High School in the January issue and Manor New Technology High School in the February issue.


Look for more articles in the following months on this great ed-tech conference you wont want to miss.


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