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For most Ohioans, April showers bring May flowers. For SkillsUSA Ohio members, April showers bring the annual SkillsUSA Ohio State Conference. Celebrating the 42nd year in Columbus, Ohio: Buses from Career and Technical schools around the state flooded the Columbus area to compete in trades varying from dental to carpentry and cosmetology to prepared speech. Students also had the opportunity to campaign for a state officer or national officer position or simply observe the competition floors. As advisers and students stepped off of their buses on April 23, 2010, the wood was cut, and events began as the officers of 2009-2010 led their last official assignment: preparing students in the world of work.

Students competed in their competitions during their Regional Conference and received either bronze, silver, or gold to compete at the state level, while the remainder of students went straight to state to represent their school in hopes of displaying the skills that Ohio has to offer at the SkillsUSA National Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. Over 80 competitions were held during the two day event. Many of those spanned out between set up Friday and competitions ending on Saturday. Each student competitor specialized in their trade prior to the competitions, practiced, and with competent skill – took bronze, silver, or gold home to their Career and Technical schools. Champions received medals, career offers, tools, gift certificates, as well as scholarships from sponsors including: Lowes, the State Board of Cosmetology, Caterpillar, Army National Guard, and several others. Competitors that received gold will proudly represent the 31,500 members of Ohio at the National Leadership Conference held in June.

As competitors challenged themselves in their competition, other student challenged their determination and motivation during the Ohio Delegation sessions. Limited to seven students per school, students ran to lead our State Organization or become a candidate for the National Conference. Approximately 35 students ran in elections, and of those seven were chosen to be the oncoming state leaders for the year of 2010-2011. Through a process of campaigning, two minute speeches, and final candidates answering an impromptu question in front of the entire delegation floor, the reigning officers introduced their new team to the Ohio organization Saturday night at the closing ceremony. With mixed emotions, former officers installed the new faces of SkillsUSA Ohio.

Former SkillsUSA Ohio State Reporter, Ashlee Hall, stated, “ Honestly, I'm kind of bitter. It's an envy thing. I know all of the awesome experiences they will go through, and I wish I could go through them, again. In the same sense, I'm excited and anxious to see what they [ the new team ] will accomplish.,” after the installation ceremony at the SkillsUSA Ohio State Conference.

Observers enjoyed the concession stands, outlets, and free gifts from sponsor booths, while competitions and elections took place. Though observers were unable to compete this year, a considerable amount of observers intend to compete as seniors in the oncoming year. Others plan to take the leadership traits of the reigning State Officers back to their local chapter.

Though the showers of April rained over the SkillsUSA Ohio State Conference, students from around the state of Ohio were united for one common cause: career and technical education. Competitors and Officers in attendance presented themselves in professional and skilled manner creating another success in the world of work for the Ohio Association of SkillsUSA. Congratulations to all of the champions! School Video News hopes to see you soon at the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference.



Sara Mills, former SkillsUSA Ohio State President and cosmetology student, began her SkillsUSA career in 2009. After being elected as a Northwest President, and reigning as the Ohio State President, she continues to be actively involved in the SkillsUSA organization. With the participation of several various leadership training events, keynote speeches, and conferences, Sara has become proficient in public speaking, professionalism, and ettiquette training.  Sara will be joining the SVN team broadcasting live from The National Leadership Conference in Kansas City.
She is a certified student in Business Management and Human Relations and Communications from Terra Community College. Sara is also enrolled at the University of Cincinnati to receive her Master's Degree in Communication Sciences in Disorders with a lifelong dream of becoming a therapist for children with Autism.



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