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Written by Charles Aldridge   

Many readers have emailed us with questions on Who Does What in a typical high school news broadcast. We could think of no better source than Charles Aldridge and his crew at TigerVisionTV. Here is how Charles staffs his shows:

The positions we have on a typical daily LIVE broadcast are:

> Executive Producer: The Boss. At the beginning of the year, this is the teacher. After awhile, a leader type student that has learned just about every position, will qualify for this. Everyone reports to them.

> Producer: Writes the daily scripts, coordinates graphics needs, studio needs etc...

> Tech Director (on the Tricaster or Toaster): Switches the show, coordinates camera angles, playbacks, etc...

> Asst. Tech Director: Assist Tech Director, helps gather all playback videos, plans for any LIVE re-routing that might need to take place, assists in getting any video playback files to the Server and to the player...

> Audio Engineer (on a Peavy 14channel mixer): Runs audio mixer, coordinates with Floor Director on sound checks, sound cues, etc...

> Asst. Audio Engineer: Assist Audio engineer

> Music Director: Gathers music for Opening & Closing of show, and plays this for the LIVE broadcast

> UpStream Graphics: Builds all lower 3rds, shoulder keys, LIVE bugs and delivers them on the air during LIVE.

> DSK - Downstream Graphics - Also builds graphics, mostly LIVE bugs and any full page informational graohics needed.

> Recording Engineer: Records the daily shows to tape and/or DVD.

> Lighting Engineer: Coordinates all lighting needs for the show and runs the lighting console during the broadcast.

> Camera 1 Operator: Runs Camera 1

> Camera 2 Operator: Runs Camera 2

> Camera 3 Operator (sometimes): Runs Camera 3

> Floor Director: Coordinates all studio needs. Prompters, cameras & monitors are on

> Talent 1: Anchor

> Talent 2: Anchor

> Talent 3 (sometimes): Anchor, interviews guests ect....

> Master Control Operator: (On-Air switch & Streaming Technician): Switchesour "ON THE AIR" (and OFF), and ensures the stream is running as well.


We use the VT5 (Toaster, which is the Mother of the Tricaster) & the Tricaster. See Charles Aldridge's article UsingNewTek's TriCaster in a High School Environment.

Our students rotate, trust me they all stay very busy.


Now, where the Tricaster and/or Toaster REALLY comes in handy is on Saturdays when we broadcast our football locker room show, LIVE on our cable access channel. We run the studio with a staff of 4 or 5.

It's all in how you set it up.

Charles Aldridge teaches Media Technology at Texas High School in Texarkana, Texas. He has taught for 14 years. Charles has a background in Electrical Engineering email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it website: