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The S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University is one of the nation's premiere schools of mass communication.

Newhouse embraces virtually every known form of mass media from journalism to advertising and public relations to photography and graphic design, to television, radio, and film.  All programs emphasize the professional skills and ethical awareness required of communications industry leaders.  Writing skills, visual skills, research skills, and presentational skills are among the professional skills which students develop within their communications major while also engaging in a broad liberal arts education.

In addition to their communications major, students choose a minor area of study from more than 90 fields outside of communications which Syracuse University offers.  Newhouse students also have the opportunity to study a second major in the liberal arts, management, or information studies.  Many Newhouse students take advantage of the study abroad options offered across the globe by SU Abroad which enhance their international perspective on mass media.

Newhouse students are among the best in the nation. A diverse group of highly motivated individuals, they are passionate about the media and work collaboratively in many classes on group assignments—advertising or public relations campaigns, broadcast news shows, documentaries, films, television shows, music recording, multimedia projects, magazines, and public affairs shows.  They are also involved in a wide variety of campus media including a student-run television station which produces sixteen shows, three radio stations, a daily newspaper, more than a dozen magazines, advertising and public relations service organizations, and student chapters of professional organizations such as National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Women in Communications, and the Society of Professional Journalists.

The Newhouse School supports career development in the mass media through the David Rubin and Tina Press Career Development Center which assists students in finding internships and supports their job search when they are ready to enter their chosen profession.  Upon graduation Newhouse students become part of a large, loyal, and highly accomplished group of alumni, men and women who are literally shaping the future of public communication across the globe.

The more than 60 full-time faculty members in the Newhouse School come primarily from the media professions, men and women for whom teaching is the top priority. Among them are national experts in First Amendment law, the impact of television on popular culture, multimedia storytelling, political reporting, crisis communication, script writing, sound production, branding, and many other fields.  In their ranks are Emmy Award winners and Pulitzer Prize winners.

The Newhouse School is one of the world's most complete centers for the study of mass communications. The facility includes a three-building complex which houses two television studios, a broadcast news lab, an advertising/public relations campaigns lab, a professional photo studio, a field-equipment check-out facility, non-linear editing suites including high definition suites, a radio production lab, three digital sound studios, and eight computer labs which support writing, research, editing, graphic design, and collaborative media projects.

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