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Written by Jason Renczkowski   

Niagara County Community College is centrally located in Niagara County on a beautiful 250-acre rural campus, just minutes from Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and the Canadian border.

NCCC has nearly 6,000 students enrolled in over 60 programs of study. Thousands of others take advantage of the Colleges extensive credit-free courses, short-term vocational programs, and many cultural and social events.  NCCC also boasts of a digital media program with full production studios! 

At NCCC we have cameras and basic support gear available for students to use.  Cameras range from Canon XL-1, XL-2, smaller “HD” handycams and a lab full of Final Cut Express editing workstations.

There are approximately 50 students who take the various digital media classes.  There are introduction and advanced digital media classes as well as an Intro to Broadcasting class.

The Advanced Video Production course gives a more thorough look into the many aspects of TV and video production and new media.  A large majority of the course revolves around production of one major project.  The students choose a topic of their choice and fully produce one 7-8 minute piece.

Niagara County Community College provides several production opportunities for students outside of the classroom.  NC3, the college’s 28:30 cable access program gives students a chance to produce full packages to be aired on the show or students can work as studio production personnel.  Everything is at the student’s discretion.  NC3 showcases various news and happenings at the college and is aired in Niagara as well as Erie County, New York.  Many productions are also posted to the college’s YouTube channel and also as well so student work can be seen by many; locally and beyond!  The school also produces other studio based community programming which students can work as crew on, not to mention “in-house” production needs such as class and theatre tapings. 

N-triple-C’s studio has been in place since the schools construction in 1970 but recently had major renovations introducing new HDV cameras, a digital switcher, new editing systems, a screening room and various other new support equipment.  Studio cameras are Canon XL-H1, which are also used for field acquisition.  Final Cut Pro studio, After Effects as well as an Avid system are used for post work.