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The Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University offers extensive, practical, hands-on, career oriented education and training in the rapidly emerging digital arts fields of Digital Filmmaking, Photography, 3D Animation, Graphic & Web Design, Audio Production, and Web Development.

With digitization, imaging and sound, arts are undergoing unprecedented change, with technical advances coming at internet speed. Whether you are a novice choosing a new and exciting career or a seasoned professional in search of enhancing your skills, The CDIA is dedicated to providing you the best, most up-to-date education available, designed to meet your needs, while you continually exceed your potential.

CDIA courses follow the module format: intensive, one-subject study that allows you to focus fully on mastering each element before you move on to the next. Most modules run for one week on the full-time curriculum and three weeks for part-time students. The last day of each module is often set aside for special topics such as business and career issues, industry trends and special guest speakers.

The module schedule is determined by the program directors - there's no need for you to select a course schedule. For this reason, part-time students must select the days they will attend classes (either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday, with alternate Saturdays) and maintain that schedule throughout the course of their chosen certificate.

Envision Your Future as a Filmmaker (more info)

Develop your artistic and technical filmmaking skills and spark your creative voice with the Professional Digital Filmmaking Certificate at CDIA. You'll be immersed in the world of digital filmmaking as you learn to use the camera to tell a story, share an emotion, give a voice to the voiceless. No matter where your professional interest lies-as a camera operator, director, producer, editor or cinematographer-you can create films that inspire, educate and inform.

The Digital Filmmaking department at CDIA features several editing rooms with post-production software, overhead projectors, High-Definition televisions, and DVD players. Our hardware includes Macintosh G5s and MacPro with Apple Cinema Displays, each configured with the latest versions of Avid, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Final Draft, and Photoshop. Our cameras include standard def and high-definition cameras like the Panasonic DVX100b, the HVX200 and the Canon HX A1 combined with fluid head tripods made by Sachtler, Cartoni, and Miller.

Students have access to best-in-class lighting gear from Arri, Lowel, and Kino as well as shotgun and Lavalier (wireless) microphones by Sennheiser and Audiotechnica and the popular Matthews Door Dolly. Our ultimate goal is to combine the best camera, lighting, and grip equipment with professional instructors that know and use the latest technologies to create the best possible educational experience for our students. 

Click Little Red Riding Hood for examples of student work.

Become an Expert in Cutting-Edge Audio (more info)

If music is your life or creating sound is your dream, then check out our Audio Production Certificate Program to learn the art of music recording and sound design. You'll study how music and sound are used in albums, film, television, games and new media, and then have the opportunity to work with experienced musicians and run real recording sessions. Learn Foley and ADR, design sound for animation and games, and more. By working with students in other CDIA programs, you'll learn how recording engineers, music producers, sound designers and studio managers collaborate in the real world. 

The CDIA Audio Production Department offers a wide range of facilities that provide students with the broad base of knowledge required for a career in the professional audio world. The facilities include two recording studios, two edit suites/mix studios, and both Macintosh and PC-based student labs.

Studio D is a full-scale recording studio with 5.1 surround-sound capabilities, a large live room, and three isolation rooms. Designed by world-renowned Walters-Storyk Design Group, the studio is equipped with an Audient 8024 console and provides students with the opportunity to learn in an environment that parallels professional recording studios. Studio F is another full size recording studio, and it is equipped with the Yamaha DM2000, a digital console that provides a valuable contrast to the analogue Audient.

A vast array of audio equipment and software is available in all studios and labs including industry standard microphones, various pieces of outboard gear, and software including Digidesign ProTools, Propellerhead Reason, MOTU Digital Performer, Ableton Live, and Bias Peak Pro. Along with talented faculty and staff, exposure to such a diverse variety of audio tools will provide students with the experience needed to succeed in the audio industry.

Click the Control Room for examples of student work.

Student Life (more info)

At CDIA you'll be part of a vibrant, growing community that's focused on the development of artistic expression as well as viable careers. Even after graduation, CDIA will continue to be a resource for you throughout your career, whether it's through networking and new business opportunities, staying connected to new developments in your field, or taking advantage of our state-of-the-art facilities.

To help you locate housing during your studies at CDIA, our Housing Department has gathered comprehensive information on convenient accommodations to help you make a seamless transition to your enrollment at CDIA.

In Waltham, you'll find a vibrant community home to artists, photographers and the area's best film production companies.

Georgetown is an active spot, with everything from nightlife to day trips, and a broad mix of families, students and political figures. Convenient housing can be found not only in Georgetown and DC but also in Virginia and Maryland.

High School Summer Programs  (more info)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be filmmaker? A photographer? Write film scores? Create 3D animation? This summer you can find out when you spend two weeks in a creative, total immersion summer program at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University. Sign up today for one of our exciting programs offered at both our Waltham, MA and Washington, DC campuses, specifically designed for high school students interested in the arts and digital media. Our hands-on approach gives you a chance to express your creativity while you get a glimpse of what your future could be.

Admissions  (more info)

At CDIA students pursue their creative passions while they train for exciting careers in the digital imaging arts. Whether you dream of becoming a filmmaker, photographer, animator, graphic or web designer, web developer or audio production professional, we'll help you get ready for your future. If you are ready to take the first step toward your new career, please contact us today.

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