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Written by Jason Tomaric   

I'm really excited about this next series of modules.

We partnered with several Emmy-winning and Emmy-nominated production designers, art directors, set decorators and construction coordinators to bring youa very in-depth look at the design and construction of both sets and existing locations.  We just released three of the nine modules in the series: Set Design, Set Construction and Set Dressing.  You can find them under the Production Design section.  We will be releasing the rest of modules throughout the month.  Enjoy!

New Modules for May!

I'm happy to let you know that we just released ten new modules. Learn about clamps, rigging, stands and grip tools in the new Grip and Rigging section, how to work with the miltary in the Directing section, the role of the gaffer in The Electric Department, and film vs. video and analog vs. digital in the new Technology and Equipment section. We're working on finishing a pretty cool set of modules on Production Design, so look for that in the next few weeks. Enjoy!

New Modules Every Month

We will be adding new modules to FilmSkills every month, adding to the already robust educational library.  Just a sneak peak of some of the future subjects:
•Production Design - This series of modules takes you through the process of building sets, set dressing, working with the art department and translating the script into what you see on screen.

•Locations - Learn how to scout locations, work with location owners, unlock the power of film commissions, the roles of the Location Scout and Location Manager, and how to work within a community.

•Director's Craft - Learn the director's process of breaking down the script, storyboarding, blocking,determining ccoverage and creating a visual story.

•The Business of Film - This extensive series takes you into the executive office as you learn how the studio system works, how to work with agents and managers, how to fundraise, package a movie, develop a business plan and know how to create a production executives, financeers and audiences alike will want.

•Distribution - Learn how the Hollywood distribution system works - from film markets to film festivals, creating trailers and poster art to hiring a sales rep and preparing deliverables, it's all here.

Visit www.filmskills.com for all the latest information.

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