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Written by Amanda Lynn Porter   

Are you looking to create an online TV series but just don’t know how to start? Maybe you have a few great ideas but can’t find the hook for your series or need to build the dynamics of your plot.

Byte-sized Television, written by Ross Brown, is an excellent new-release book for you. Fine-detailed, Byte-sized Television begins at the very basics defining a webisode by covering how to create a crowd-pleasing online series and progresses through the entire   process of series production.

Ross Brown, who has written for The Cosby Show and The Facts of Life, really hits on an age-turning media: the web. More generations have begun to watch TV series and movies online than ever before. Even better for you, webisodes are generally cheaper to produce, as nearly anyone with web access and a camera can create meaningful content for others to watch.
Probably the coolest part of this book for SVN readers is the “For Teachers” section at the end of each chapter. These feature student-geared advice and short exercises. Brown also highlights successful online producers and writers in a chapter full of interviews including the creator of 90210, Charles Rosin, that could be of inspiration to your students.
With growing popularity, why not pick up a camera and create your own TV series for the Internet!

Table of Contents

Preface - What’s this book about and who is it for?
Chapter One - What is a Webisode?
Chapter Two - The Series Concept
Chapter Three - Creating Compelling Characters
Chapter Four - Creating the World of your Series
Chapter Five - The Pilot - Story
Chapter Six - The Pilot - Script
Chapter Seven - Choosing a Visual Style
Chapter Eight - Practical Concerns - Equipment and Budget
Chapter Nine - The Pilot - Preproduction
Chapter Ten - The Pilot - Production
Chapter Eleven - The Pilot - Postproduction
Chapter Twelve - Building on the Pilot - Coming up with Episode Ideas
Chapter Thirteen - Posting your show on the Internet
Chapter Fourteen - Interview with Creators
Epilogue - You’re Ready! Honest! So Go Do It!
Appendix I - Screenplay format tutorial
Appendix 2 - Recommended Reading for more detailed discussions of the crafts.
Appendix 3 - Syllabi and course outlines for teachers

About the Author:

Ross Brown began his writing career on NBC’s award-winning comedy series The Cosby Show. He went on to write and produce such hit TV shows as The Facts of Life, Who’s the Boss? and Step by Step. He has created primetime series for ABC, CBS, and the WB. His play Hindsight received two staged readings at the Pasadena Playhouse (Pasadena, California) in July of 2007. His short play Field of Vision was performed in Chicago at the Appetite Theater’s Bruschetta 2008 festival.
He is an Assistant Professor of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University in Orance, CA, where he developed a series of cutting-edge courses on creating TV series for the Internet. For updates to this book and the latest news and information on the world of web series, check out Ross’s website at


Associate Editor, Amanda Lynn Porter has been involved in many aspects of video/film production. Starting a video production class at her middle school in eighth grade, Amanda has always enjoyed every aspect of videography. After producing many in-school productions, including a daily newscast, Amanda branched out and began directing and producing commercials and short films for law firms, intermediate school districts, and various associations throughout Michigan.

Most recently, Amanda worked for Michael Moore on his latest documentary: Capitalism: A Love Story.